DNAsimple was founded in the summer of 2015 based on the belief that such a platform could double the pace of genetic research and enable studies that were previously impossible. Read more about the team that makes it all possible below.
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Olivier Noel is a 2017 Forbes Magazine 30 Under 30 honoree in Science. Olivier has been conducting developmental biology and biomedical science research for over 8 years. He was an American Heart Association and National Institute of Health fellow and has been featured in the New York Daily News, CBS radio, and other news outlets for his academic and entrepreneurial achievements. Olivier grew up in Haiti and moved to Queens, NY, where he attended Queens College. He graduated in 2011 with a major in chemistry with a concentration in biochemistry and honors in biomedical science research. In 2011, he began training in the Penn State University MSTP MD/PhD program, getting a PhD in biochemistry and molecular genetics. His current research focuses on identifying the genetics behind the positive health effects following bariatric surgery in patients and developing novel therapies for diabetic patients.

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Dr. Wafik El-Deiry is an American Cancer Society Research Professor, Deputy Director for Translational Research and co-Program Leader in Developmental Therapeutics and William Wikoff Smith Endowed Chair in Cancer Research at the Fox Chase Cancer Center. He made several discoveries in the field of cell death and tumor suppressor genes, including discovery of TRAIL death receptor DR5 as a target of the p53 tumor suppressor. Dr. El-Deiry leads the Fox Chase translational research efforts and continues his work in the world of translational drug discovery and development. You can read more at his full biographical page.

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Dr. Nathalia Glickman Holtzman is an Associate Professor of Biology and Associate Director at the Center for Teaching and Learning at Queens College. Her lab is interested in organogenesis with a focus on heart development. Specifically, her research interests include understanding the interactions between the endocardium and myocardium during heart tube formation, cardiac maturation, and epicardial formation and maturation. You can read more at her research homepage.

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Genna is entering her second year at the George Washington University. She is pursuing a major in economics and a minor in english. She is involved with several clubs on campus and has interned at the U.S House of Representatives during her second semester at GW. She was recently accepted into GW’s Global Bachelor’s Program, an intensive three-semester study abroad program, where she will study in Shanghai, China, Oxford, England and Sydney, Australia. Aside from her love of traveling, Genna also enjoys playing tennis, as well as volunteering in her free time.

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Suzanne is in her second year at Syracuse University. She is studying Writing, Rhetoric & Discourse and is also pursuing a minor in Italian. She has also written for several Syracuse University student-run publications such as Juiced Magazine and HerCampus SU. Aside from her love of writing, Suzanne also enjoys fishing and surfing along New Jersey’s coast.